Museum Dedicated to African American History Featured on Postage Stamps

16 Dec 2017  Sat

The National Museum of African American History and Culture has been featured on a new postage stamp from the US. The stamp is called Celebrating African American History and Culture Forever Stamp and was unveiled in October. Officials say that almost 3 million visitors have been to the museum ever since it was opened.

The museum is largest and most comprehensive one that highlights African-American life, art, history, and culture. A Smithsonian museum has been depicted on a stamp for the first time. 15 million of the stamps were printed. It features a photograph of the museum with its three-tier, bronze-coloured facade. The structure is dedicated to the enslaved African-American craftsmen from New Orleans and Charleston, South Carolina.

Officials stated that the postal service was crucial to create a black middle class. African Americans were hired in the early 20th century when other business declined to accept them. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush opened the museum in 2016.

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