5th Century Byzantine Coins Discovered by Students in Turkey

16 Dec 2017  Sat

Two students from the Walla Walla University discovered two 5th-century coins in the ruins of the ancient town of Laodicea (present-day Turkey). 41 students from the same university were exploring the Middle East during their Bible Lands Study Tour when the two students found these coins.

One of the students was checking a piece of pottery on the ground when she found a coin. More time was spent looking down at the ground than up at the excavated ruins of Laodicea when the second coin was spotted by another student. The tour guide later confirmed that they are both authentic Byzantine coins.

The Denizli Museum started supporting the archaeology efforts in Laodicea in 2002. Several new artifacts were found after that. The discovered coins were added to the collection of items found on site. They offer an insight into the lives of people who lived in the ancient city. The students and their coordinators were extremely excited about the discovery.

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