International Tea Day

15 Dec 2017  Fri

Come oh come, Yea tea-thirsty, restless ones, the kettle boils, bubbles and sings musically’-By Rabindranath Tagore.

A pot of flavoured liquid combined with the textures of milk and sugar emitting the warm and refreshing aroma poured in a cup, the elixir of life, a sip of tea!

Today, on 15th December the world is celebrating international tea day to support and draw attention to the impact of tea trade on the global market.

In 2004, an initial discussion was held at the World Social Forum and the first International Tea Day was celebrated in New Delhi, 2005. It is celebrated in tea producing countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India and Tanzania.

Tea trade is the most prospering trade of global market. The history of this trade goes back to the ancient period but the documented records of tea consummation and plantation can be seen in the colonial period. East India Company used to export a large amount of Tea in the European markets. The tea plantations of Assam in India were started by British. Tea also played a significant role in world history, the event of Boston Tea Party played a vital role in the American War of Independence.

On this day a conference is jointly organized by Trade Union movement related to Global tea trade. The main motto to celebrate this day is to support the workers and growers of tea and to link the request of price support and fair trade.

Today tea is consumed by 99% of Indians, it a kind of ritual to consume tea in the morning. The tea stall serving a ‘cutting’ in every corner of Mumbai for working class people explains the significance of tea in common people life.

India Post has issued two commemorative stamps to support and send the message of India tea throughout the globe in 1993 and 1965.

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