Highlights from Heritage Auctions at January 2018 NYINC Sale

15 Dec 2017  Fri

The New York International Numismatic Convention auction will take place on 7th and 8th January at its new Grand Hyatt venue. Almost 6,200 lots will be offered by Heritage Auction this time.

One of the highlights includes an electrum stater of Miletus struck between 625 and 600 BCE with an inscription which translates to “I am the Badge of Phanes”. Only five known examples of this coin exist. The first pure gold coinage under Lydian king Croesus was struck almost a century later between 561 and 546 BCE. A gold stater graded MS STAR NGC of this type will also be offered.

A beautiful gold stater of Alexander the Great’s latter-day imitator, the Greco-Bactrian king Eucratides I the Great is offered in the Greek section. An interesting Jewish War shekel of Year 5 (70 CE), struck under Roman siege, is another highlight.

Other exciting coins include the gold aurei of Nerva, Hadrian, Faustina Senior, Commodus, Septimius Severus, Julia Domna, and Diocletian; bronze coins of Nero, Vespasian, Titus, and Plotina, an eight aureus gold medallion of Claudius II Gothicus, and a huge silver medallion of Constans.

Several other coins from different parts of the world will also be offered at the Auction.

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