Greek coin in Classical Numismatic Gallery Auction No-29

15 Dec 2017  Fri

The featured coin is silver Didrachm of Rhodes from Ancient Greece (305-275 BCE). It weighs around 6.57 grams. The obverse depicts the head of Helios and reverse has a rose with buds on both side and Greek letter E and Y in the field.

Let’s know few facts about Rhodes.
Rhodes was one of the powerful ancient city-states in Greek. Most of their coin depicts Helios and Rose because according to Greek mythology, Rhodos was the goddess of the island of Rhodes and wife of Helios, a personification of the sun-god. And many roses were found on the island of Rhodes. So, as an honour to their patron God they depicted rose and Helios on their coins.

Do you want to add this coin to your collection?

It is listed in Classical Numismatic Gallery Auction No. 29. So hurry up and start bidding.

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