2012 USPS $1 definitive with Beautiful Blue Waves

13 Dec 2017  Wed

A blue $1 Waves of Colour stamp was released by the US postal service on 1st December 2012. It belonged to a set of four high-face-value definitives featuring the wave-designs in different colours.

Printed by Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd, The $1 lithographed and engraved self-adhesive stamps were produced in sheets of 150 stamps in 15 panes of 10 stamps. Michael Dyer with Antonio Alcala, the art director at that time designed the stamp. They have gauge-11 serpentine die cuts.

The mint pane of 10 is officially listed at $25. Only a few dealers and collectors purchased panes of 10 $1 stamps in quantity when they were issued. Each pane is worth a buy at $20 or less.

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