Increasing Demand for Battle of Hastings 50p Coin

11 Dec 2017  Mon

Different designs of 50p coins are available. Some of them are being offered on eBay for an impressive amount. Only 6.7 million Battle of Hastings coins were released in 2016, making them highly desirable among collectors. These coins, featuring an image of the Bayeux Tapestry are now available for £7,000 on eBay.

Some experts believe that these coins can be sold for at least £50. A Battle of Hastings 50p coin was recently sold for £7,300. Some have been sold for £3,000. One of them was recently put up for £2million which is far more than its market value.

The Battle of Hastings occurred in October 1066 when the Norman Conquest of England began. The Duke of Normandy – William led the Norman-French army and won the battle against British King Harold. King Harold died in the battle along with 10,000 other men.

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