New Philippine Notes Feature Enhanced Designs

08 Dec 2017  Fri

Philippines released New Generation Currency banknotes with improved designs this week. The new designs highlight the nation’s history, world heritage sites and natural wonders. The P200 banknote now features changes on the obverse, mainly in the images depicting declaration of the Philippine independence and the opening of the Malolos Congress.

The old P50 banknote had a text "Leyte Landing" which was changed to "Leyte Landing October 1944.". The P1,000 banknote earlier had an image of Lakandula Medal and the phrase "Medal of Honor" on the obverse. These elements are deleted on the new notes.

The format of the scientific names has been changed. The font size of the year mark of the P20, P50, P100, P200, P500 and P1,000 banknotes has also been increased. The new notes will feature the signature of the fourth governor of the BSP Nestor Espenilla Jr. Braille marks might be included for the visually impaired along with other improved security features.

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