Indian Armed forces Flag Day

07 Dec 2017  Thu

Indian Armed Forces, the courageous, fearless and selfless servicemen of our country. They sacrifice their today to save our tomorrow.

Every year 7th December 1949, is celebrated as the Armed Forces Flag Day or the Flag Day of India.

Post Independence one of the challenges was to manage the defence personnel (ex-servicemen) of the Indian Forces. To achieve these goals a committee was set-up to raise funds from the people of India for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. This committee was under the Defence Minister. The idea behind this celebration was to distribute small flags in general population and in return collect funds. These ideas became quite popular among civilians as a way to help the people protecting their country.

This day serves the basic purpose of rehabilitation of the battle casualties, helping serving personnel, ex-servicemen and their families.

Today it's a tradition to celebrate and honour the soldiers, sailors and airmen of Indian armed forces. India Post has issued a commemorative stamp to celebrate the 50 years of Indian Armed Forces in 1997.

So, friends please celebrate this day by contributing to this rewarding cause and help our protectors.

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