The Red Dragon of Wales Coin Released

07 Dec 2017  Thu

The third coin from the 10-coin set celebrating British Heraldry features the Red Dragon of Wales. The symbol has been featured on standards and coats of arms for many centuries for British Heraldry.

The largest Wales coin was struck using a special press that was also used to mint the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic medals. The coin is made of 1-kilo silver, has a diameter of 10 cm and will be sold for £2,050. The smallest coin will be sold between £5-£13.

Jody Clark from the Royal Mint team designed the coin. He wanted the beasts to look amazing and also have realistic elements. The static shield gives a contrast to the beast. The dragon's tail and claws curl around the shield to give the design a sense of motion. The designer took inspiration from real animals like lizards, crocodiles, and snakes to come up with different variations. The design for the dragon’s wings was created by studying wings of bats.

Prior to this coin, two other coins were released in the same series namely, the Unicorn of Scotland and the Lion of England.

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