Navy Day

04 Dec 2017  Mon

The maritime branch of Indian armed forces ‘Indian Navy’ is celebrating 46th Navy day today. It is celebrated to remember the madcap attack of Indian Navy on Pakistani naval base in Karachi.

All over India, this day is celebrated on the major naval bases. This celebration also takes place in the western command of Navy, Mumbai. The planning of this celebration takes place on the eastern command line base, Vishakhapatnam. The ceremony is held on Ramakrishna mission beach and it is followed by the demonstration of Navies potential and resourcefulness of different warships and submarine.

The tittle-tattle about the strength of India Navy's goes, that it consists 58,350 personal, an aircraft carrier, a transport dock, 15 frigates, 8 guided missile destroyer, 24 corvettes, 13 submarines, 1 nuclear attack submarine, etc. The list goes on about it strength but these figures are not confirmed. It makes us wonder about the strength of this branch of Indian armed force.

To celebrate the Navy Day, India Post had issued a commemorative stampin 1972. India Post has also issued stamp on the different ships of India Navel forces.

The above-shown image depicts the First-Day Cover issued by the Army Postal Service Corps to mark the first Navy Day celebration on 4th December 1972.

This year India Navy held a magnificent celebration of War-ship exhibitions in Mumbai. It was so fascinating, intriguing and above all spell bounding.

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