Elephant on Tipu Sultan Coins

04 Dec 2017  Mon

The elephant has been admired and loved by all human being. He is appreciated for his large size and majestic mannerism. He is generally considered a symbol of good luck and fortune. In Indian during religious ceremonies, the offering is made to the elephant. They are washed with special oils and pigments so that the community is blessed with good will.

The elephants have long exerted a powerful hold over the human imagination. Elephants represent wisdom, loyalty, strength, honour, stability and persistence.

Elephants continue to appear on the Indian coinage since ancient times. It is found in the ‘Punch-Marked’ coins which are dated from 600BC to 300BC. The Satavahana was also one of the dynasties who has issued coins having the image of an Elephant on their coins.

Tipu Sultan the ‘Sultan of Mysore’ had also issued coins with the image of an elephant of his coins. The above image is an example of his coin. To read more click here.

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