Singapore Releases ‘Year of the Dog 2018’ Coin

04 Dec 2017  Mon

The Singapore Fourth Chinese Almanac Coin Series will begin in 2017 and will go on until 2028. A zodiac animal in a park or natural landscape in Singapore will be featured on each one.

Singapore released the 2018 Year of the Dog Almanac Collection, which is also the second issue from the Singapore Fourth Chinese Almanac Coin Series. The coin features a Dog with Singapore Botanic Gardens in the background. The over 150-year-old Singapore Botanic Gardens is Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10 versions with different metallic compositions, minting relief effects and shapes are available. Premium sets with different coin combinations will also be offered. The series comprises of coins with higher than usual relief minting. They are uniquely shaped and come in new sizes. the series also consists of a 1kg rectangular ultra-high relief coin. The coins can be pre-ordered before 15th December 2017 while its issue date would be 5th January 2018. Balloting would be done if the coins are oversubscribed before the pre-order deadline.

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