The flavour of Indian food part 4: VadaPav

02 Dec 2017  Sat

A thought can bring revolution in a society, but what if I told you revolution brought a small delicious snack in our hands. This snack is cheap, tasty and fulfilling, which we can devour while walking. It is not greasy but it is not dry. I’m talking about the most favourite snack of Mumbai and heaven of flavours for the tired and hungry Mumbaiker- ‘VadaPav’- a snack for the commoners.

This street food is quite unique in its making. It’s a ball of carbs dipped into carbs and rapped into carbs. It is favoured by rich and poor both who enjoys a potato patty within the local bread (pav), seasoned with red garlic powder and spicy chilly-tamarind chutney accompanied with salted fry chilly.

Vada Pawa is an integral part of Mumbai cuisine culture, it’s a dish that is found in every corner and lanes of Mumbai. This dish came into existence when the son of the soil movement started by the local Maharashtra party ‘Shiva Sena’ supported the small upcoming entrepreneurs to open stalls around Mumbai.

Among them was one Ashok Vaidya, he as we can say the creator of this world-famous street food. Vada pav came into existence in the 70s to 80s when mill culture was popular in Mumbai and these workers needed easy and cheap food.

India Post had issued a set of stamps on popular cuisines of India in 2017 to promote and acknowledge our intangible heritage.

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