The flavour of Indian food part 3: Panipuri (Golgappa)

22 Nov 2017  Wed

This culinary chaos of flavours will burst on your tongue with a spicy and crunchy wonder! It is absolutely delicious and all Indians would agree that only 'Panipuri' will give you such an amazing and unique taste.

It is a combination of a crispy hollow spear made of wheat or semolina flour, stuffed with spicy potatoes, topped with tangy and sweet tamarind water and seasoned with the aroma of mint leaves and black salt. It sounds yummy!!!

Panipuri is found in every corner and lane of India. It is a popular cuisine that Indians eat with great Interest. It is a street snack which satisfies the impulse of an Indian’s taste for spices. Like its taste, even its history is interesting. One can trace the origin of Panipuri to Mahabharata, when Kunti wanted to test her new daughter-in-law ‘Draupati’ by just giving her flour and potato.

The other legend connects it with one of the 16 Mahajanapadas of ancient India, Magadha. It is believed that Phulkis- the ancestor of Panipuri, originated here. The origin of this delicious dish is yet to be pinpointed with historical accuracy. Over the years, Panipuri evolved and underwent many changes. These changes took place because each region developed this delicacy according to their taste.

The popularity of Panipuri is due to its combined flavours which also gave it many names like golgappe, gup chup, pani ke pataashe, tikki, patasi, phuch,etc.

In a metropolitan city like Mumbai, you will find many vendors which sell Panipuri. It’s a simple joy for the local people, on every ten steps you all will find a Panipuri seller.

So, what you are waiting for? Go and enjoy this spicy, sweet and hot taste of India.

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