Roman Bronze Medal Featuring Noah and the Ark to be Auctioned

02 Dec 2017  Sat

An extremely rare bronze medal issued under the regime of Roman emperor Gordian III between 238 and 244 A.D in the city of Apameia, Phrygia, will be offered by Numismatik Lanz on 8th December in Munich.

The obverse features Gordian III in armour, drapery, and a Ray Crown. The reverse features Noah and his wife, a box-shaped ark with the lid open on which sits a bird. A flying bird holding an olive branch in its beak is also depicted. The box-shaped rocks near the sanctuary of Marsyas called “kibotoi” are considered as the Ark.

The coin suggests that the city of Apameia in Phrygia accepted the Jewish tradition of Noah’s story. This helped in integrating the large Jewish community in the city. They believe that Noah landed with his kibotos in Apamea and the descendants of Noah were Jews of Apamea.

The coin has an estimated value of €10,000.