Regency XXIV Auction to Offer a Set of Classic Proof Silver Coins

02 Dec 2017  Sat

On 14th December, Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ 392-lot Regency Auction XXIV will offer interesting Proof silver coins at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The show is exclusive for PCGS Members alone. The AMG Collection of Proof Barber Dimes contains 24 coins and will be offered as a single lot. The collection was built in four years by Legend Numismatics and is the No 5 set on the PCGS Registry. It contains only the best and finest coins which are graded by PCGS with a green CAC sticker.

An 1892 Barber dime, graded Proof 66 Cameo has mirrored fields and frosty devices along with colourful toning on the edges. Coins featuring Charles E. Barber’s design were introduced in 1892. The same design was used for the quarter dollar and half dollar. The coin had the highest mintage in the series with 1,245 pieces that were released that year.

The remaining coins in the set are graded Proof 66 to Proof 67. Many of them feature cameo contrast as well. A 1915 Barber Dime graded Proof 66 Cameo is also a part of the set. It had a mintage of 450 pieces only. It would have taken a lot of effort to build a collection as spectacular as this one. The complete set has an estimated value of $60,000 to $65,000.

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