Fluorescent 3D Technology for Secure Banknotes

01 Dec 2017  Fri

A new method to combat the problem of counterfeiting by using fluorescent 3D technology is being developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and the optical manufacturing company Zeiss.

Authorities of the institute stated that optical security features such as holograms are generally based on 2D microstructures. 3D printed fluorescent microstructures can improve anti-counterfeiting technology to a great extent.

Researchers believe that this is one of the best systems to validate the authenticity of documents. The microstructures are 100 micrometers in length and cannot be detected by the naked eye. They can be inserted into the transparent windows of paper currency as well. Special scanners can be sued to read them. The security features are unique and complex to manufacture, making it almost impossible to be duplicated.

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