A 1912-S Liberty Head 5-cent Coin Sold for $3,600

01 Dec 2017  Fri

Heritage’s U.S. Coins auction in Dallas, conducted on 2nd November, made a total of almost $10 million. A 1900 Coronet gold $20 double eagle graded Proof 66+ Ultra Cameo by NGC sold for $156,000. A 1792 Silver Center cent pattern, with a silver plug, replaced with an iron plug later, graded NGC Very Good Details, Plug Replaced, Repaired, Scratched, sold for $78,000.

A 1912-S Liberty Head 5-cent piece was sold for $3,600. Many original Mint State rolls entered the market, due to which the numbers of PCGS graded coins increased. Some believed that grading services were purposely increasing numbers by overgrading. PCGS later stated that the numbers don’t generally go down as they are hidden in collections and hoards. In 2016, PCGS handled at least 2 fresh rolls of gem 1912-S 5c.

The offered coin has a series-low mintage of 238,000. It was only in 1912, that the coin was produced in San Francisco and Denver Mints. It is one of 36 graded MS-66 by PCGS. Only two MS-66+ coins of this type are available. Unlike most 1912-S “V nickels” that are weakly struck, this one is stronger in comparison.

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