Latest Japanese Postage Stamps Feature JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong

30 Nov 2017  Thu

Japanese Postage stamps featuring South Korean pop artist Kim Jae-joong from JYJ will be released in February. REBOOT is a set of postage stamps featuring Jae-joong’s pictures. Pre-orders for the stamps began on Monday and were instantly sold out. This would be the second postage stamp that has been released featuring the popular pop artist. The first one was released in 2014.

Jae-joong thanked the concerned authorities through Instagram. He also hopes that people will use the stamps to send letters to their loved ones. HMV is selling this set of postage stamps for 52,000 won. The product comes with three sheets of postage stamps, a poster, and a badge.

Jae-joong was discharged from the military in 2016. He later starred in the popular KBS 2TV drama series Man Hole and is currently all set to visit Philippines as a part of his Asia tour.