Rare £2 Error Coin Found in Circulation

30 Nov 2017  Thu

Thousands of 2015 Britannia £2 circulating coins have been discovered with an interesting striking error. The Queen’s head is rotated clockwise by around 150 degrees on these valuable error coins.

The error was caused when one of the dies started slipping and rotating during the striking process. The £2 Britannia coin is one of the most scarce circulating £2 coins ever minted with a mintage limit of 650,000. Experts believe that there are 3,250 of the 'inverted' £2 coins in circulation.

They also think that there could be more variations of the error coins if it was caused due to slipping of the die while striking. The variations should ideally feature the Queen's head, less or more misaligned as the die slowly slipped from its original position.

Collectors are advised to take an opinion from expert numismatists before selling them online.

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