Highlights at Heritage’s Dallas Signature Coin Auction

29 Nov 2017  Wed

Eric P. Newman Collection Parts VII, VIII, and IX (currency and U.S. Coins) along with the Signature November sale offered by Heritage auctions made a total of $16.5 million out of which, the Eric P. Newman coin and currency lots made more than $6.5 million.

Heritage’s Dallas auctions will take place in December. Session 1 is the Premier Session that will take place on 7th December at 6:00 PM CT. 400 high-value lots with interesting federal coins will be offered in this session. Session 2 will take place on 8th December in the afternoon and will offer Colonials through dollars. Session 3 will take place on the same day in the evening and will offer gold coinage, patterns, and commemoratives. The Signature Internet Session will take place on Sunday 10th December.

A shiny 1805 Draped Bust dime, graded MS66+ PCGS CAC of the JR-2 variety will be offered. Only a few are finer than this particular example. An 1858-S Seated dime, graded MS66 NGC in Premium Gem condition is one of the top 3 specimens known. An 1848 Original half cent, graded PR65 Red and Brown PCGS CAC is a former Garrett Specimen of the B-1 variety. An 1878 three dollar gold, graded MS67+ PCGS is very rare in this high-end Superb Gem grade. The coin has interesting colours and good lustre. A rare 1842-C Small Date half eagle, graded AU58 NGC features great colour and is in near-Mint State condition. An 1852/1 Humbert twenty dollar gold piece, graded AU58 NGC, from the Kagin-9 variety is the first Assay Office twenty of territorial gold type. The 1854 Kellogg twenty, graded AU58 NGC CAC from the Kagin-2 variety has original colour.

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