Swiss Stamps with Authentic Sounds of Christmas

28 Nov 2017  Tue

The jovial spirit of Christmas is already in the air and postal departments all over the world are releasing special stamps to celebrate everyone’s favourite season! Swiss post has something really unique and interesting to offer through its four stamps that were released on 15th November.

Usually, postage stamps are known for their visual appeal. However, these special stamps from Switzerland are bringing to you the amazing sounds of Christmas as well. All you have to do is scan the stamps with the Post-App and you will get to watch a festive video along with Christmas music.

The 85-centime “Silent Night” stamp features a snowman all set to deliver a gift on a sled. A starry night is seen in the background while a lantern shows the way ahead. The 1-franc “Jingle Bells” stamp depicts three small bells and a green Christmas ornament with a world map. The 1.50fr “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” stamp features a phone lighting up Santa Claus’ face and a shooting star in the background. The 2fr “Snow Falls Softly at Night” stamp features snow falling over a stop light.

The self-adhesive stamps were printed by offset in sheets of 10 by Joh. Enschede of the Netherlands.

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