Book Release: Mexican Paper Money 2017

22 Nov 2017  Wed

The 2017 digital edition of the reference book named Mexican Paper Money has been released by World Numismatics, LLC. The book lists more than 7,000 items, thousands of which are not listed in other catalogues. The latest edition has several changes and newly discovered notes.

The book can be downloaded in a PDF format form their official website. You can search for specific content using keywords and the book also has a Table of Content with links to the respective section.

Mr. Frampton researched a lot for his book, using many new and interesting sources. His first edition has become a standard guide for researching about Mexican currency. The new book has six sections Imperial and early Republic; era of the private banks; pre-Revolutionary currency issued by entities other than banks; Revolutionary paper, including military, state, municipal, and private issues; emergency currency from the post-Revolutionary period; and early products of the Banco de Mexico, down to about 1970. Frampton invented two numbering systems for listing the notes which are followed by many collectors and researchers even today.

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