The First Ever Hanukkah Stamp by Canada Post

22 Nov 2017  Wed

The first ever Hanukkah stamp was released by Canada Post to highlight the nation’s cultural diversity. The stamp features designs of dreidels and the menorah using colourful geometric shapes. An online explanation describes these shapes included in the design.

3 million Hanukkah stamps have been released three weeks before the first candle is lit. If the demand is good, more stamps will be issued. They are also planning to add new designs in the future as well. Officials of Canada Post revealed that the stamps highlight the beauty and inspiration of Hanukkah in a beautiful way.

Only Christmas stamps were released from 1964 to 2016. Canada Post issued stamps in 2017 for the Muslim festival of Eid and Hindu holiday of Diwali as a part of the same initiative to celebrate cultural diversity.

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