Asadnagar Mint of Farrukhsiyar

21 Nov 2017  Tue

Farrukhsiyar's accession to the throne as a Mughal Emperor took place in 1713 AD with the help of Sayyid brothers, particularly Sayyid Hassan Ali Khan Barha, who was later chosen as the grand Wazir of the Mughal Emperor. He sat on the throne as the puppet of Sayyid brothers. Later on, when he opposed these two kingmakers, they imprisoned, blinded him by needles and finally killed him.

This silver rupee was issued by him from Asadnagar mint. This mint was also called Akluj; during the Mughal period, it was changed to Asadnagar. The name Akluj is derived from ‘Shri Akalai Devi’ which is 'gramdevi' (village goddess) of Akluj. Today it is a town situated in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. Being situated in the Bank of river Nira, the town and surrounding area is agriculturally rich.

This silver rupee is extremely rare and was issued in the 3rd year of Emperor Farrukhsiyar reign or Anno Hijri year 1125. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with the name and title of the king. The reverse of the coin is inscribed with the mint name Asadnagar. It was sold for INR 61,000 by Todywalla Auction.

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