Silver Jeton Celebrating French Victory in Corsican War, to be Auctioned

18 Nov 2017  Sat

The Corsicans did not accept their new rulers when France got control over the island of Corsica after the Treaty of Versailles in 1768. The French forces attacked the island off the southeast coast of France to gain power. Editions Victor Gadoury’s auction is going to offer a silver jeton that was released to mark the victory of France in 1769. The auction will be held on 2nd December in Monaco with an opening bid of €200. The jeton features the French King Louis XV on the obverse and a chained warrior with weapons on the reverse along with inscriptions related to the 1769 battle for Corsica.

The Italian state of Genoa had claimed control over Corsica. But Pasquale Paoli declared Corsica to be an independent nation since 1755 and had also drafted a local constitution. Paoli became the commander-in-chief. His troops consisted of Corsicans and German or Swiss mercenaries who fought against the armies of the King of France, Louis XV.

The Corsicans had earlier won the Battle of Borgo against the French in October 1768. However, the Battle of Ponte-Novo was lost by the Corsicans on 9th May 1769, even after their brave and courageous efforts.

Great Britain had been allied with the island’s government for its strategic location in the Mediterranean. Paoli took refuge in Great Britain and fought for his cause from 1794 to 1796. The protest lost momentum eventually and France regained control over the region.