1884-O Morgan Dollar, Struck 15 Percent Off Centre, to be Auctioned

18 Nov 2017  Sat

An 1884-O Morgan dollar, graded MS 64 by PCGS, struck 15 percent off-centre will be offered by Heritage Auctions. Unlike other off-centre Morgan dollars, this one is more significantly off-centre with the obverse date and reverse Mint mark. The coin features satiny cartwheel lustre on the struck portion and a lavender-gold toning on the other portions. Apart from some scratches on Liberty’s cheek, there are no other major problems.

10 million 1884-O Morgan dollars were struck at the New Orleans Mint. They are easily found in all grades and a normal MS-64 example has a market value of $80. A 1921-S dollar struck 20 percent off-centre, graded MS-63 by PCGS was sold for $16,450 by Heritage Auction this year. An 1882-O dollar, graded PCGS MS-64, struck 20 percent off-centre was sold for $41,125 in 2012.

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