One Day Exhibition

17 Nov 2017  Fri

Attending exhibitions and events are the best way to gain more knowledge and explore yourself. But the problem arises when there is lack of awareness regarding when and where these exhibitions are. So if your hobby is to collect coins, notes or stamps, then you are at the right place. Mintage World lets you know about all the events in the world related to numismatics, philately and currency notes.

The Sunday exhibitions are best for the busy people as it is easier for them to go to these events rather than on work days. The following are exhibitions which are taking place on this Sunday- 19 November:

Tilburg International Coin Fair, Hartford Coin and Currency Show, 3rd Sunday Fort Lauderdale Coin and Stamp Show, Itasca NOISE 3rd Sunday Coin Show, Tazewell Numismatic Society’s Coin Show, South St. Paul Monthly Coin Show, Nashua Coin Show 3rd Sunday, The Buffalo Numismatic Association Monthly Coin Show and Bourse and Blue Ribbon Coin Show. To know about the venue and timings click here.

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