Charles Darwin to Bid Goodbye to UK’s Old 10 Pound Notes in March 2018

15 Nov 2017  Wed

The U.K.’s 10-pound note, featuring Charles Darwin will be illegal tender from 1st March 2018. Charles Darwin is known for “On the Origin of Species” and the concept of survival of the fittest. He has been featured U.K.’s 10-pound notes since 2000. New 10 pound polymer notes featuring writer Jane Austen were released in September 2017.

England’s first polymer note was its 5-pound note depicting Winston Churchill, released in September 2016. A new 20-pound bill, depicting artist J.M.W. Turner will be released by 2020.

Almost 359 million old paper 10-pound notes are still in circulation. These old notes can be exchanged at the central bank after they would be rolled back in March next year.

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