Celebrate Children’s Day with Mintage World

14 Nov 2017  Tue

At one point in time, we all were a child; some must have been naughty, some stubborn, some cute, irritating or loving. But all of us have experienced those sweet and sour memories. Hmm…Getting flashbacks huh?

Children are the God’s gift to their parents. Kids are innocent and live in the movement. As they grow; they see, perceive and learn from their elders facing the reality of the worldly behaviour. Every year, we observe 14 November as Children's Day in India. It is the birthday of our first Prime Minister, Chacha Nehru.

Today’s day is celebrated in schools by creating awareness of the various issues faced by children and strives to make the next generation aware of the environmental issues as well. These days unknowingly children suffer a lot physically and mentally. So let your child play in his own way as childhood is all about innocence and playfulness, joy and freedom.

This was about the children, but what about the elders? Can they also celebrate?

Of course yes! You can go through the old photographs of yours, meet your mom-dad, grandpa-ma, and discuss your golden times!

So…What are you gifting your child today?
There is something really exciting which can be knowledgeable and also excite your child for the stamp collecting hobby. This is the perfect gift for your child. Hurry up before they get out of stock. Check them here.

The stamp given aside is a Children day stamp issued in 2016 having the face value of INR 15. What’s unique with most of the children day stamps is that these stamps are not designed by professionals but they are the selected paintings of kids from across the country. Now, they seem more valuable than normal stamps, don’t they?

So let’s cherish our old sweet memories with these lovely stamps.

Live, laugh, learn and keep the child within you alive. HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!!

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