Special Stamps Captures Moments from the Horrific Halifax Explosion

13 Nov 2017  Mon

A new commemorative stamp designed by Halifax firm Burke & Burke has been revealed by Canada Post, remembering the 100-year-old event that was an important chapter in Halifax's history.

The Norwegian steamship Imo with Belgian relief supplies crashed into the French munitions vessel Mont-Blanc, carrying TNT through the thinnest part of Halifax harbour, on 6th December 1917. 2,000 people were killed and about 10,000 were injured in this accident, making it the most dangerous man-made disaster in Canadian history.

An image of an original newspaper article covering the event was included in the stamp design. Designers found it challenging to represent the magnitude of such a disaster on a small postage stamp. The final moments of the collision were recreated using 3D models and actual floor plans of the vessels. These accurate 3D models were later moved around to get the exact angles. The Designers hope that the stamp would create more awareness about this dreaded event.

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