Perth Mint Releases Special Year of the Dog Coins

11 Nov 2017  Sat

Perth Mint of Australia released many special coins this month to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Dog as per the Chinese zodiac calendar.

The reverse of the 2018 Year of the Dog 1oz 99.99% pure Silver Proof High Relief Coin depicts a German shepherd dog and a pup along with Chinese peony flowers behind. Mintage limit is only 7,500 pieces and they are issued as legal tender for Tuvalu.

The 2018 Year of the Dog 1oz 99.99% pure Silver Gilded Edition also features the same design on the reverse. The only difference is that the adult canine is gilded in 24 karat gold. They are available in a presentation case or a capsule with a certificate. The latter can be placed in a 12-coin display case. Mintage limit for this coin is 50,000 pieces.

The 2018 Year of the Dog 1 Kilo 99.99% fine Silver Gemstone Edition is the eleventh of twelve gemstone designs. The design remains the same, but the two dogs are in colour. A blue sapphire is set into the eye of the adult dog. The mintage limit of this 1-kilo coin is 500 pieces.

The 2018 Year of the Dog 1oz. 99.99% fine Silver Proof Rectangle Four-Coin Set features a chow chow, a dalmation, a pekingese and a British bulldog on the reverses. The mintage limit for these rectangular coins is 3,000.

The reverse of the 2018 Baby Dog 1/2 oz 99.99% pure Silver Proof Coin features a coloured Labrador puppy biting the wrapping of a present. The coins have a face value of 50 cents and a Mintage limit of 7,500.

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