“Welcome to APEC Vietnam 2017” Postage Stamp Released

10 Nov 2017  Fri

Vietnam released a postage stamp called “Welcome to APEC Vietnam 2017” on 6th November to commemorate the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week. Officials said that APEC events have been hosted for the second time in 11 years, after being a member of the forum for 19 years.

The design represents APEC Vietnam 2017 with images of oars and lac birds on Dong Son bronze drum. 21 sun rays stand for the 21 APEC member economies. The theme for APEC Vietnam 2017 is “Creating New Dynamism, Fostering A Shared Future”, and the stamp rightly symbolizes the theme.

The design also showcases that Vietnam integrates into the global economy. The domain name “.vn” on the stamp will create opportunities for local enterprises. A 3,000 VND.-VNA sample is included in the stamp.

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