Certified Dutch Lion Dollar Restrikes Launched

10 Nov 2017  Fri

APMEX is soon going to release Dutch Lion Dollars, certified from PCGS and NGC after the first launch of the Dutch Lion Dollar Restrikes became extremely popular.

The coin depicts a lion and a knight, a version of the Dutch coat of arms that was first used in 1617. Till the mid-1800s, these coins were widely circulated, making this design extremely popular in the Netherlands. A .999 fine Silver coins and .9999 fine Proof Silver coins were released by the Royal Dutch Mint to celebrate the 400th anniversary of this famous design.

The design was used in Dutch coinage for a long time-period. These coins were also known for their high Silver content, making the Dutch Lion Dollar Restrike, graded by PCGS and NGC, sought after among collectors. These certified coins also come with custom labels that feature the lion. The background of the label features a map outline. A windmill has been incorporated into a modern design of a tulip, both of which are identities of the Netherlands. Collectors can now own a coin featuring one of the longest-running coin designs in history!

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