Crocodile on Magadha Janapada Coin

09 Nov 2017  Thu

We have seen various animals and birds on Indian coins. But when we talk about the Punch marked coins, they have just symbols. Undoubtedly the Punch Marked coins are exciting and the symbols on them are beautiful which make us intrigued to study them further.

What do you see in the given coin?

The Aquatic world of animals is shown on the coin (500-200 BCE). It depicts of Sun, Six-Armed Symbol with alternate fish and arrowhead, Crocodile catching fish, Box with a circle at centre and taurines around and Centipede. The notable fact of this coin is that we rarely see a crocodile on Magadha Janapada coin (GH 357). It is a Silver Karshapana weighing 3.46 grams.

This coin is unique in itself! Did you see any other coin with such a prominent depiction of a crocodile?