Coins of Bahlul Shah Lodi

09 Nov 2017  Thu

The Lodi dynasty was an Afghan dynasty that ruled in India from 1451 to 1526. It was founded by Bahlul Khan Lodi when he replaced the Sayyid dynasty.

Bahlul Khan Lodi was recognized as a renowned warrior and was the governor of Sirhind (Punjab) also. Khan came to power after the last Sayyed ruler Allaudin Alam Shah stepped down from his throne and handed over power to Bahlul Khan.

Before gaining the throne to Delhi, Bahlol Lodi had already craftily expanded his territories towards Punjab, spreading his authority way further than that of the previous Syyed Kings. Bahlol Khan Lodi took control of the throne of Delhi on April 19th, 1451 and took on the title of Bahlol Shah Ghazi.

After the enthronement, Bahlul Lodi, billon and copper coins were set. The coins of Lodi rulers uniformly has the formula “Al-Mutawakkil”, the name of the issuer and the mint Dehli on the obverse and ‘Fi Zaman Amir-ul-Muminin Khulidat Khilafatuhu’ and the date on the reverse side of the coin.

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