New Bill for Equal Representation for Sephardim on Shekel Banknotes

09 Nov 2017  Thu

Shas wants to end discrimination against Sephardim on Israel’s banknotes and coins. Chairman of the Knesset Education Committee MK Yaakov Margi is sponsoring a special bill to achieve this. The bill will be submitted for approval to the Knesset Education, Culture & Sports Committee.

The bill recommends that the current series should be replaced with a series featuring poets. It further states that the portraits of personalities for the new series do not reflect the vibrant Israeli culture. It was argued that the committee expressed diversity without including the uniting factors of the people of Israel.

The bill is being signed by MKs after which the proposal will be passed to the Ministerial Committee on Legislation. If the proposal is passed, it would lead to a discussion and vote in the plenum.

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