Cambodian Application Adds Fun to Banknotes

08 Nov 2017  Wed

Cambodia released its first “amplified reality” application - Osja AR which offers an easy way to scan business cards. It also shows animated Cambodian characters into images of scanned banknotes.

Using the Khmer riel bills AR package, you can give life to various Cambodian cultural characters on different Cambodian banknotes. All you have to do is scan a Cambodian banknote and the 3D characters will appear depending on the type of banknote you scan. Currently, the app allows you to scan a limited type of banknotes; more would be added in the future.

The application allows you to share contacts and detailed company information by simply scanning a name card. The app also includes QR code scanner which can even scan the new Cambodian automobile license plates. It has interesting photo frames featuring current events, using which you can take cool photographs. The application can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

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