Guild Coin of Taxila

07 Nov 2017  Tue

Taxila was one of the most popular cities of the Ancient period and with the evolution of the coinage, the local rulers of Taxila started issuing coins. The given square copper coin is one of the inscribed coins of Taxila. The obverse has a wheel with a number of spokes in it and a three-arched hill with the crescent on top (off flan). The reverse has swastika at centre and nandipada (Triratna symbol) on both the side, Kharoshthi legend below ‘pacaladamma’.

Until now the legend of this coin has been read as ‘pamchanekame’ which means ‘the five guilds or panch negama’. The word ‘Naigamah’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘trader’. Therefore, this coin is regarded as a joint guild issue of Taxila. But Harry Falk does not agree with this explanation and believes that the legend is read as ‘pacaladamma’ meaning ‘drachm of the Pancalas’. This type of coins needs more research which will help in knowing more facts about the merchant guilds of Ancient Taxila.

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