Demystifying History Behind Yaudheyan Coins

04 Nov 2017  Sat

India is a land of kings. Many brave warriors took birth in this country. But we are not familiar with all the dynasties or kingdoms of India. There are many hidden kingdoms and dynasties which are unknown to the common people. Today we will discuss one of the lost confederations, known as 'Yaudheya'.

Yaudheyas were the rulers of modern-day South Eastern Punjab and Rajasthan. They occupy a very prominent position in the galaxy of ancient India and their coins have become one of the sources of study. Their coins have various motifs and the most outstanding deities we see on their coins are - Kartikeya, Devasena, Shiva and Parvati.

The Copper coin shown in the above image belongs to Yaudheyas. The coin was struck in the name of 'Brahmanya', or the war-god 'Kumara' (100-50 BC).The obverse of the coin has a six-headed standing Karttikeya (Shadanana), holding a standard, traces of Brahmi legend around. The reverse has a six-headed goddess (Shashthi) standing, flanked by tree-in-railing on the right and a six-arched hill, topped by a Nandipada on the left.

This was sold for INR 2000 in Classical Numismatics Gallery. Isn’t this a pocket-friendly coin?

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