Justice League Coins on offer at Central Canada Comic Con

03 Nov 2017  Fri

The Royal Canadian Mint will be participating in Central Canada Comic Con from October 27 to 29 by introducing its new Justice League series of coloured coins. They are available in cupro-nickel, gold, and silver versions, featuring the artwork of Canadian Justice League artists Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson.

This 2018 series consists of a 25-cent cupro-nickel lenticular coin animating all six members of the Justice League; Three 1oz. fine silver coins with a $20 face value, each featuring a pair of superheroes - Cyborg and Superman, Batman and Aquaman and The Flash and Wonder Woman. a $30 fine silver coin celebrating "The World’s Greatest Superheroes"; and a $100 14-Karat gold coin entitled "United We Stand".

More details can be found out from the "Shop" tab of www.mint.ca.

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