Banknotes Discovered in a Shipwreck to be Auctioned

02 Nov 2017  Thu

A Series 1935E $1 silver certificate star note (Friedberg 1613N*) has a listed market value of $4 in Very Good to $40 in Choice Crisp Uncirculated. But one such note is being auctioned with a starting bid of $150 in a Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC auction sale that will close today. A Life magazine issue of 17th September 1956 and a DVD telling the banknote’s story is offered along with the note.

The reason why it is being sold for such a high value is that it was found 225 feet under water from the shipwreck of the Italian luxury liner Andrea Doria. A Swedish passenger ship Stockholm crashed into the Italian liner off the Massachusetts coast in a midnight fog on 26th July 1956.

The note has a “B” Grade holder since it has stains and some damage when recovered from the Andrea Doria’s first class safe on 17th August 1984. Even though the note was underwater for 28 years, it was in remarkable condition.

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