Sebaka Coin sold for INR 27,000

01 Nov 2017  Wed

The given copper coin in the image belongs to Sebaka (c.200 BC) of Vidarbha. The obverse of it has a bull walking to the right, swastika above its back, six-arched hill surmounted by a swastika in front and a wavy line with fishes and turtles below and Brahmi legend ‘Sebakasa’ above. The reverse has a bold nandipada, drawn with double lines with a small taurine between its prongs and a double circle topped by a Shrivatsa to its left. The coin weighs 10.06g. This coin was sold for INR 27,000 in Classical Numismatics Gallery.

Coins of this ruler were first brought to light by V V Mirashi, who contended them to be a dynastic issue. They are referred with the collective noun as 'coins of the Sebakas'.

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