Silver coin of King Kalashila

01 Nov 2017  Wed

This silver dramma was minted during the reign of King Kalasila under the Kalachuris of Mahismati. Kalashila’s kingdom was a feudatory of Kalachuri between 8th to 7th centuries CE.

Kalachuri’s of Mahismati are the earliest known branch of Kalachuri dynasty. King Prithivdeva and King Buddhadeva are the most known kings of Mahismati branch. It is assumed that Kalashila ruled under the King Prithivideva.

The above shown silver dramma depicts a sword pointing downwards with 'Chhatra' Attached to the hilt on the obverse. The reverse side of this coin depicts legend in Devanagari script which reads "Shri Kalashila" arranged in the circle form.

There is also another feudatory King Jagapala, he ruled under the Kalachuri King Ratnadeva II of Ratanapur in 11th century CE.

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