Queen Nefertiti Celebrated on Republic of Chad Coin

01 Nov 2017  Wed

The Scottsdale Mint released a new 5-ounce silver 3,000 francs coin in the Egyptian Relic series for the African country of Chad. The coin honours the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti who was a great royal wife of an Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. The coin features a “rimless” design and is 11.8 millimeters thick, replicating a hand-carved Egyptian relic. It comes in a hand-brushed rough antique Proof finish with a unique incuse design.

The obverse features Nefertiti appears against a background with Egyptian hieroglyphs. The national crest of the Republic of Chad with a shield in the center, a lion on the right and a goat on the left is depicted on the reverse. Other inscriptions include the national motto, “Unite Travail Progres”, the face value, year of issue, weight, metal content, and purity.

The mintage limit is set as 30,000 pieces and can be purchased for around $4 per ounce above the spot price. Single coins come in a glossy gift box while a set of four coins are packaged in a bigger box.

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