Stamp Featuring Philippine Dictator Marcos

31 Oct 2017  Tue

Philippines released postage stamps celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the country's late dictator Ferdinand Marcos on 11th September. Many Filipinos have been offended by this move. The stamp is a part of a series of stamps marking presidents’ 100th birthdays.

President Rodrigo Duterte allowed the dictator’s body to be buried in the national “Heroes’ Cemetery” in November even though Marcos has a mighty record of abuse and corruption against himself.

It is believed that Marcos and his people looted $10 billion during his Presidency, leaving the country in heavy debts. He also violated many human rights laws to hold his power. Earlier Philippine governments have also said that thousands of people were killed and tortured during his times. A military-revolt in 1986 led to the decline of his power. He finally died in exile in 1989. People on social media also expressed their discontent about the stamp release.

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