Calicut University Receives Coin Collection as a Gift

30 Oct 2017  Mon

Calicut University received a very interesting gift on Thursday from a former gram panchayat member P.K. Sathyavati, of Koomamkulam, Manjeri. She donated a rare collection of antique coins to the history department. These coins from ancient Britain, US, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, and Ceylon belonged to her husband, late Kishan Kumar.

Other highlights of the collection include Ara Roopa, Naalu kaashu, Oru chakram, Kaalana and Oru kaashu, from the state of Travancore and British Malabar. The Travancore rupee was in circulation till 1949. Ms Sathyavati hopes that the collection will help history students at the university upgrade their knowledge.

Most of the coins belonged to Kishan Kumar’s father Athikottil Raghavan from Kozhikode. He was a merchant Navy officer who travelled throughout the world. The group of coins will be named ‘Athikottil Raghavan coin collection.

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