Shakya Janapada

27 Oct 2017  Fri

Since the time coins were discovered, they enclosed various ancient facts. The earliest coins of India were silver Punchmark which originated in about 6th century BCE.

Anguttara Nikaya, a Buddhist text mentions sixteen Mahajanadpada which existed in India from 6th to 4th Century BCE. Janapada is a kind of a political state, meaning ‘foothold of a tribe’. Shakya Janapada (modern-day Nepal) was one of the Janapadas. Their coins were discovered from the Gorakhpur Hoard, Lumbini Hoard, and Narhan Hoard. Shakya Janapada punchmarked coins are usually in square or rectangle shape.

The coin shown alongside belongs to Shakya Janapda. It is a Silver Double Karshapana weighing around 6.75 grams. The obverse of the coin has a single symbol with two crescent-like symbols in the center with ancillary symbols around. It was sold for INR 8,700 at Todywalla Auctions. Explore more coins of Shakya Janapada.

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