Skulls on Palau Coins

26 Oct 2017  Thu

Coin Invest Trust released three interesting coins shaped like a skull for the Republic of Palau. The 25 Dollars .999 fine silver 500 grams antique finish Big Skull coin has a mintage limit of 555 pieces; the 5 Dollars .999 fine silver 1 oz Antique finish Pirate Skull coin has a mintage limit of 1,750 pieces and the 1 dollar .9999 fine Gold 0.5 grams Golden Skull coin has a mintage limit of 15,000 pieces.

The obverse features the official coat of arms of Palau and an outrigger canoe with canoeist. Other inscriptions include the country name, denomination, year of issue and fine content in silver. The high-relief reverse design of the skull-shaped silver coin is in 3D.

"Big Skull" coin is struck using smartminting© technology and features great plasticity. The 1 oz 999 silver "Pirate Skull" coin features a grim-looking pirate wearing earring and bandana. "Golden Skull" coin is struck using BigGoldMinting© technology. The skull features teeth, cross-bones, and other minute features in exceptional detail. Skulls are in demand during Halloween Season. They were represented in Ancient Rome to depict that man should enjoy life till it lasts. They also represent life on earth, compared to everlasting religion in Christian culture. They are now featured on school bags with pirate motifs and fashion accessories.